About Us


Meet the Schmidts

Ron Schmidt Art is the creation of Ron and Amy Schmidt. Ron is an internationally award-winning photographer behind some of the world’s most clever canine images.

As a conceptual photographer and artist, Ron brings a strong sense of design and storytelling to his images, allowing him to create timeless and engaging collectible artwork that will be enjoyed and cherished for years to come.

Ron created his niche in conceptual dog imagery by chance. It began when he made a holiday card for his commercial clients. The card, featuring a photo of Ron's yellow Lab carrying a Christmas tree and axe, was an instant success. Amy joined Ron bringing her background in communications, marketing, and business production to the company. Together, they have created a business that spans the globe capturing the hearts of art lovers worldwide.

Ron’s art has been featured in public installations, magazines, publications, and on products sold worldwide. Clients include Hallmark, Penguin Random House, Scholastic, LL Bean, Boston Children’s Hospital, and The US Post Office.

Giving back is important to the Schmidts. A percentage of their profits from sales are donated to support animal welfare and rescue causes throughout the United States.